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tv   ABC7 News at 6  ABC  July 14, 2017 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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waiting for an hour. they are towing the train back to west falls church to unload the people. orange line trains are single tracking through the area. no one was hurt. we'll get to more of the grews out surveying the damage in a moment. jonathan: that didn't take long at all. snap of a finger. we'll begin with meteorologist steve rudin who has been tracking it all afternoon. with rethrough the worst of it? steve: we are indeed. especially around the immediate metro area off to the west of us. look what is going on. we are looking at the severe thunderstorm watch shafed almost two-third of it down well before the 9:00 expiration time. still continues for southern maryland. strongest storms over the bay moving to the delmarva. we are still dealing with severe thunderstorm warnings now just on the east of if annapolis area. this sorm is moving east at around 20 miles per hour. no additional impact on the metro area. as far as around the capital beltway, it's still ra
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a lot lighter than it was an hour ago. the heaviest rain, gusty winds and the lightning is over with for the metro. look at the temperatures. what a drop. now 47 degrees at reagan national airport. earlier this afternoon we had a heat index value of 107. talk about the rest of the evening. and the weekend. the weekend is finally here. more on that coming up in a few minutes. jonathan: now to the northwest area of washington, firefighters are cleaning up after lightning started a fire on the roof of the seton place home. everything is under control now and no unwith was hurt. but -- no one was hurt >> we are joined by stephen tschida who is surveying the damage at a separate home in northwest d.c. where a huge tree fell there. what a mess. stephen: more than just one house, two houses and a vehicle. check this out over my shoulder. you can see a massive tree that came down at the height of the storm. it took ou
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vehicle. it crashed in the brickhouse behind me and it slammed in the house next door as well. it did damage to the houses and the vehicle took out the power as well. you can see on the ground the power lines are out. one of the homeowners was inside the second home. i was storming and they could hear the rain. didn't sound like heavy wind but then suddenly the big crash. you can see the damage here. that is the latest. reporting live, stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: thank you. we'll follow the development of the outburst of severe weather. you can get alerted if there is severe weather near you. go to to sign up for instant alerts. jonathan: happening now, a march against gun violence and the national rifle association came to a complete halt because of the storms. the activists marching from the n.r.a. headquarters in fairfax to department of justice.
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tomorrow. but earlier it wasn't the rain but the scorching heat that protesters had to contend with. they are marching to air eight grievances with the n.r.a. and over gun violence. one of the key issues is the n.r.a.'s islyness on the shooting death of -- silence on the shooting death of castile. baltimore officials now are proposing a mandatory one-year sentence for anybody caught with an illegal gun of 100 yards wan school, park, church public building. the sentence could not be suspended and anyone convicted would not be eligible for parole. the mayor said the attorney general advised her the measure is constitutional. alison: at this hour a man is treated for serious injures he suffered when a camel trampled and bit him at the charles county fairgrounds. we are told that the victim was taken to the hospital. and the camel was part of the lewis and clark circus, which was planning shows at
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however, the circus says it canceled the shows prior to the incident. and that was due to a permitting issue. take a look at this situation. this is in montgomery county. you can see a home and a police cruising were just destroyed by fire. firefighters had to take cover with the ammunition inside the police car ignited. two people inside the home were overcome by smoke. but they are expected to be okay. so far, no word on what started the fire. jonathan: developing right now the jury is still deliberating in the case of a man accused of killing a caterer at a wedding in fairfax county. the deadly moments were captured on video. >> you stabbed me! jonathan: the issue isn't weather that kempton bonds killed tyonne johns. it's weather there was murder or self- -- it's whether this was a case of murder or self-defense. kempton bonds says he was being strangled when he fought back. we'll let you know when
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verdict is released. alison: thieves have swiped the wheels off of three cars in a matter of hours. this happened in sarat road near medstar southern maryland hospital center and they are part of eight car-related thefts just yesterday across the county. jonathan: warning from bowie about a bank card skimmer found. they found it and removed the skimmer from an a.t.m. inside of a 7-eleven at hilltop plaza. not clear how long it was there. keep a close on your bank statement if you used it. alison: jimmy carter is back on the job with habitat for humanity. [applause] good news. the 39th president and his wife rosalyn carter have been in winnipeg helping build homes for that charity. the 92-year-old called yesterday's treatment a pre
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while he was out working. jonathan: friends and family mourning a local marine among the service members killed in a military plane crash. the staff sergeant died in monday's crash in mississippi with 14 other marines and a navy sailor. he was married with two children and been a marine since 2002. on facebook, maryland governor hogan paid tribute to him and the other crash victims. alison: a woman sick of porch pirates fights back. her daring move. how the thieves react and the surprising contents of the box they swiped. jonathan: caught on video. a wild ride for four car thieves. what happened moments after they wiped out in that stolen car. alison: we will continue to track the severe weather that left damage throughout the area on this friday evening. this right here is stormwatch7 rolling right through bethesda at this hour. our steve rudin is back with the latest track ahead on "abc7 news at 6:00".
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again, this is the scene in la plata. the stormwatch7 watching the situation and we'll follow it throughout the evening. caught on video dangerous rescues after flooding in ohio. cameras were rolling here. as firefighters pulled people from a car that stalled out in the floodwaters. this is east of columbus. evacuations are underway in some communities as the water covers roadways. and is starting to flood homes and businesses as well. jonathan: now must-see video from michigan. four car thieves were joyriding and this comes to a crazy end. they hit a parked car. they clip a tree. flip over and roll. not over yet. keep an eye on the video. to see how four of them come out of the car, crawling out. then they take off. they are still out there on the run. so far the men remain on the loose. alison: warning for beltway drivers now. you are about to get two new automated speed cameras. the cameras will go online monday in both directions of the beltway at a c
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overpass. it will start issuing tickets on august 7. beware. jonathan: this might be the world's most expensive selfie. pay close attention. this is a museum here. watch carefully. they are over there. they decide to lean on the exhibit in los angeles and that is what happens. can you believe that? this is artwork. priceless! she gets a selfie. she gets this video that will live in infamy. yep! all of the pieces of art go down like dominoes. all said and done this selfie caused $200,000 worth of damage to the sculpture exhibit. alison: my goodness. jonathan: unreal. alison: all right. coming up still at 6:00. four months ago, he was on the verge of death. a a puppy shut in a container and left for dead. ahead we get to see what eddie looks like now. >> a high-end burglary in downtown d.c. and what the bandits went
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>> we remain on storm watch this afternoon because we have had severe weather blow through the area. the bay bridge, live look. rain is coming down. some areas are drying out. others are just starting to feel the brunt of the storm. stay with us. steve rudin is back with the latest on what to expect next after this.
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alison: disaster caught on video in florida. this is a sinkhole consuming a home north of tampa. that was just the start. 90 seconds later an entire wing of the house disappears into the mercury water. cameras were rolling because the sink hole that appeared out of nowhere had destroyed the home next door. it appeared and swallowed the home in minutes. luckily, no one was in either home at the time. firefighters did rescue two dogs from inside. jonathan: can you imagine? this is so frustrating. how many times have you had a package stolen off the porch? this woman here walks up on the porch. taken the package, going to throw it in her car and has a clean getaway. right? not so much.
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the street. here she comes in the car. watch what happens. she pulls up in the car. this happens. [honking] chevrolets on the horn and then she -- chevrolets on the horn -- she lays on the horn. then they throw the box at her. she opens up. there is a box and then another box and of the box. she is using it as packaging material to support her ebay business. the "7 on your side" i-team has nonconfrontational ways to fight the porch pirates. just go to to find out. alison: ways other than chasing them down with your s.u.v. the d.c. police on the trail of a thief with high-end taste. not just targeting the
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values. bourbon bandit targets high value spirits. the victims have a cocktail in his honor. stephen: it might be a chicken restaurant but the bar is all about the bourbon. hen quarter is known for the rare and the pricy bourbons. perhaps too well known. >> someone found an open door in the back and helped themselves in to partake of some of the really special hard to find and the rare bourbon. >> some of the bourbons are so rare they may be impossible to replace. the thief made off with thousands of dollars in spirits and except for a couple of bottles of tequila, he took only bourbon. >> the easiest thing to sell, the easiest thing to enjoy? i don't know. or he just really likes bourbon. >> there is excellent surveillance video of the thief and he is no stranger to the legal system. he was wearing an ankle bracelet. but even if the suspect is caught the staff fears th
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good. >> to have the bottles that nobody else can get makes you special. we lost a great bit of that. >> they have tried to put a positive spin on the incident. they cape up with a concoction. it's cocktail called the bourbon bandit. hmm! stephen tschida, abc7 news. alison: i'm sure he is drinking that right now. we have an update to a story now. we followed the story since march. a little puppy locked in a container and left for dead in columbia. someone found little eddie and got him help and a forever home. now look at this. eddie's family brought him back to howard county control so he could say hi. jonathan: how cute! alison: you can see he has gotten a lot bigger. he is doing just fine. jonathan: you can see the gal that was holding him, the owner. she is in love with him. so happy. eddie must feel
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that is one of the rescuers. well, they are happy to see him again. alison: i love the story. makes you smile. steve: i hate when we show the stories when they are happening. then we see a few months later -- jonathan: nice to see it a few months later. steve: it's nice irwhen the storm passes because then we -- nicer when the storm passes because we look forward to a sunset. in this case not only a sunset but cooler temperatures and lower humidity levels. all right. this picture changed dramatically in the last hour or so. the skies are beginning to clear to the west of us at national harbor. that is a good sign. as we welcome the start of the weekend. what a day it was. 97 degrees was the high at reagan national. shy three degrees to the weather set in 1954. the rain totals almost two-third of an inch of rain over at reagan national. almost .9 at andrews. not a lot a lot stafford, not n. the rain is on the backdoor step. temperatures across the area 76 downtown. dulles at 73. but the temperat
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move through the everything hours. the sun begins to come up behind the clouds i should say. the severe thunderstorm watch most of it has been canceled out for the metro area. southern metro, charles, st. mary's and calvert county, you are hanging on to yours. now extreme southern part of king george under severe thunderstorm warning. here is what is going on with the stormwatch7 satellite and radar. strongest storm moved here in the 4:00 hour and the first half of the 5:00 hour now well toward south of us. this is where we have the stronger storms across king george county. until 7:00. that is a severe thunderstorm warning. well, well south of the d.c. metro. now well south of fredericksburg. if you are traveling down 95 you run to the wet roadways but the severe weather is not there. looking at the moderate rain activity around but it's nothing to be warned on.
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warm and muggy side again. waking up tomorrow morning as we move through the next 24 hours, we are going to look for a nice sunrise. early tomorrow. dry day tomorrow. then temperatures that will be a little cooler. make at it lot cooler than what we had today. only in the upper 80's to 90. mix of sun and clouds. then we are going to see the heat index values that are going to be 15 to 20 degrees cooler than what we had earlier today. it will feel better out there. ten-day outlook from stormwatch7. crank up the heat and the humidity. we move to the middle of next week. in the mid-90's by wednesday. thursday. and lower 7890's by friday -- lower 90's by friday. nighttime lows in the 70's. worst of the severe storms are out of the d.c. metro area. no active watches or warnings for the district. around the capital beltway. jonathan: steve, thanks. a storm overseas, too. we know and love him. on fire. >> roger federer is that storm isn't he? jonathan: he
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robert: lightning quick and everything. roger federer victorious again at wimbledon. and a winnipeg woman misses out on $1 million. we tell you how next in sports.
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robert: 0-5 in vegas. wow! heart-breaking story out of canada. a fan had a chance to win $1 million. canadian football league bombers and the toronto argonauts. karen needed both teams to return kickoff for a touchdown. the bombers returned one 14
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argonauts returned one. she is rich. not really. the second return was called back because of illegal blocking. jonathan: boo! robert: but she didn't go home empty handed. but baseball kicks off the second half. jonathan: what did she go home with? robert: $25,000 worth of equipment for entertainment, home entertainment center. and free groceries for a year. jonathan: okay. better than a poke in an eye. not bad. alison: not at all. when you relax finally? steve: a little bit. southern maryland now looking at the stronger storms but the best news is for the immediate metro area and eventually for southern maryland it's not as hot tomorrow. not as humid. highs will be in the upper 80's. heat index value 90-degree range. turn up the heat and the humid next week but the severe thunderstorm watch for the d.c. metro is down. alison: good stuff. "world news tonight" with
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tonight, several developing stories as we come on. the russian meeting at trump tower. we have now learned there were others in the room when don junior took that meeting with a russian lawyer. tonight, the man born in russia, who allegedly once worked in soviet military counterintelligence. why was he also in the room? and why wasn't it revealed? also tonight, the devastating images. homes swallowed by the earth, families barely escaping. we're on the scene. inside the killings. what we did not know. authorities now revealing what happened on that property to those four young men who vanished. severe storms hitting as we come on the air tonight. a treacherous commute.